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Mission of Todd County Preschool

It is the mission of Todd County Preschool to provide a fully integrated preschool program which fosters the growth and development of all children in the areas of social emotional development, self- help/adaptive behavior, motor development, cognition, and communication. Teachers collaborate with families, staff members, and therapists to provide program experiences which nurture and encourage fun, warmth, security, exploration, and creativity in all children. Skills to promote development will be integrated and embedded into the daily preschool routine which includes: arrival, meals, large and small group activities, music and movement experiences, gross motor play, story time, free-choice time (learning centers), and dismissal. A combination of child-directed and teacher-directed activities take place daily.


Goals & Objectives of Todd County Preschool

  • To provide opportunities for children to succeed and develop their overall personality, a positive self-image and a positive attitude toward school;
  • To provide a supportive partnership between the home and the school. We welcome all families to take an active part in their child’s school experiences;
  • To help children adjust to being in a group situation, to learn the techniques of interaction, and to develop self-control;
  • To encourage the development of language, vocabulary, and positive communication;
  • To support children’s sense of competence, curiosity, and creativity through experiences that involve creative exploration, discovery, and imaginative play; and 
  • To offer opportunities for development of reasoning and problem-solving skills which lay the foundation for future success in school.